Friday, May 28, 2010

Game 50 - Red Sox v. Royals (@Fenway)

So, yeah, how about them Celtics? Pretty amazing performance from Nate Robinson tonight, as far as I can tell the guy has barely played at all this postseason, then he jumps off the bench and scores 12 in less than 10 minutes right when they needed it (since Rondo was out with after taking that nasty spill). So, uh...yeah, Beat LA!!

Um, what's that, the Red Sox played tonight too? Hmm, let me see what the score was...

WTF??!?!?! They gave up 12 runs to the Royals?? Who much to my surprise are currently middle of the pack in the AL for runs scored...did Willie Wilson and Bo Jackson come out of retirement? I saw Wakefield's line for the night, and decided to check out what his GameScore was, and he got a -1. I didn't even know that was possible, but he did it. Inspired by Wakefield's performance (or maybe so horrified that I have a morbid curiosity now), I decided to check game scores for other performances that come to mind, to see how bad he was in a historical sense. This is hardly an exhaustive survey, just remembering some other memorably bad games in Red Sox history. Interestingly enough, the ones that immediately come to mind are where the Red Sox batter the opposing pitcher.

June 27, 2003 - Carl Pavano didn't get an out, gave up 6 ER on 6 H on way to a 25-8 loss to the Red Sox. His game score? 14

October 16, 1999 - Roger Clemens pitched 2 IP, and gave up 5 ER in the ALDS (I was actually at this game at Fenway...Pedro v. Clemens, it was billed as a heavyweight match). His game score? 24

Ok, so I guess my memory isn't all that great because I couldn't think of any other good examples of bad games. So rather than rack my brain, I decided to spend some time building a game score calculator in JavaScript (see below) so if I think of others, I can just calculate the score here (note, if anyone tries it and finds it useful, post a comment with the game you tried and the score :) )

To use the JavaScript GameScore calculator, just enter the stats in the boxes below and as you move onto the next field, the points box at the bottom will update with the game score!

Total innings:

Innings after the 4th:



Earned Runs:

Unearned Runs:



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